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About DoseTap

DoseTap is a smart pillbox which helps you to remember and monitor your medication schedule. DoseTap can:

  • Store your medications as per dosage time
  • Remind you when it is time to take medications
  • Track adherence
  • Help you to share reports with caregivers and doctors

DoseTap smart pillbox has intelligent sensors which record your input and provide feedback as per the medication schedule entered in the DoseTap app. These sensors also control the indicator lights and alarm system of the smart pillbox.

At the scheduled interval, the indicator light and alarm will guide you towards the compartment from which the medication has to be taken.

The indicator light and alarm remain active for a 30 minute window from the set time. These alerts get disabled once you open the correct compartment of the pillbox to take your medication.

DoseTap smart pillbox and app record all the usage data and give you insights into your medication intake patterns.

Getting Started with DoseTap

To connect DoseTap smart pillbox for the very first time, search for "DoseTap" in Apple App store (for iPhone users) or Google Play store (for Android users) and download the app. Switch on Bluetooth of your phone and tap on the "Device icon" in the DoseTap mobile app at the top right corner of the home screen.

You will see the DoseTap device with unique ID as a pop-up. Please tap on "Connect" and start using the device.

For further details, please refer to the Instruction guide that comes with the DoseTap unit or the Tutorials on the DoseTap mobile app.

Your DoseTap unit comes with an instruction brochure that contains step-by-step details. Information tutorials have also been provided in the DoseTap mobile app which will guide you to get started. If you have any questions or if you need any support, please contact our Customer Service (email:, contact number: +91-7483839811)

After setting up the medication schedule in the app, please switch on the mobile internet to sync the information. Once the sync is complete, the device will work in offline mode (without internet).

However, for trackng your progress, it is advisable to keep the DoseTap smart pillbox connected using Bluetooth, with your mobile device. Your caregiver will receive correct notifications if the pillbox is connected to your mobile phone.

DoseTap smart pillbox can be paired with an iOS or Android mobile phone. Search for "DoseTap" in Apple App store (for iPhone users) or Google Play store (for Android users) and download the app.

DoseTap is NOT a medical device. It is a device to help you remember and monitor your medication schedule. Please consult your physician or healthcare provider for any questions related to your medical condition or medications or medical products.