Organize Your Medicines

Insert the 2 AA batteries provided with the device and press the side button to switch on the pill box.

Put medicines in the box as per dosage time. Medicine trays are detachable and you can also keep pill strips as it is.

Set Up Alarms

Add your medication schedule in the app as per dosage time. The medicines in the pillbox should be kept in the same way as the dosage time details entered in the app.

Smart Pill Box

Modify volume, check battery level and update to latest software on the Smart pill box page.


Taking medicines

When it's time to take medicines, an alarm will ring from the device and the white light will light up to indicate the right compartment.

Take the medicine as per the dosage time and day and close the lid. Indicator light and buzzer will go off automatically.

For real time dosage intake insights, please keep Bluetooth switched on and smart pillbox in the connected state to the mobile app. This will also enable your family member to receive alerts and remind you if you miss taking your dose.